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Keep life moving with electrical appliance cover.

Protect your valuable electrical appliances from unexpected mishaps with comprehensive appliance insurance. Safeguard your devices against mechanical and electrical breakdowns, and accidental damage.
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About our electrical appliance cover

We understand the importance of your electrical devices, as they power your daily routines, enhance productivity, and provide entertainment. With our reliable coverage, you can protect appliances like your dehumidifier and hair dryer or styler from unexpected mishaps and enjoy uninterrupted functionality.

Not only do we cover damages caused by electrical and/or mechanical faults, but we also safeguard your appliances from accidental damage. Spilled liquids, drops, or accidental impacts can occur at any time, potentially rendering your devices useless and meaning you're left having to arrange a repair or replacement.

We understand the urgency when a vital appliance stops working, disrupting your daily routine. That's why we have a 24/7 online claim form for you to report problems and provide seamless assistance to ensure your appliances are up and running again in no time.

Electrical appliances we cover

We cover more than 30 different household appliance, home entertainment, and electrical products.


Keep your space fresh and dry, protected against unexpected breakdowns.

From £1.64 £1.07 a month

Hair Dryer

Protect your hair dryer from electrical mishaps and accidental damage today.

From £1.64 £1.07 a month