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Safeguard your kitchen with our appliance cover.

Our kitchen appliance insurance is the superhero your appliances deserve. From sizzling stovetops to icy fridges, we've got you covered. So cook up a storm, knowing we've got your back, hob, and blender too.
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About our kitchen appliance cover

Your kitchen is a hub of creativity, where delightful aromas waft through the air and culinary adventures come to life. However, the hardworking appliances that make it all possible are not invincible. With kitchen appliance insurance, you can safeguard your haven and enjoy peace of mind while indulging your inner chef.

Picture this: you're in the midst of preparing a scrumptious feast, and suddenly, your trusty oven decides to go on strike. Or your refrigerator, which you rely on for the freshness of your food, decides to freeze up at the worst possible moment. These unexpected malfunctions can be costly and inconvenient.

With our cover, you'll have access to our 24/7 online claims reporting portal along with our UK-wide network of qualified tradespeople. We'll also cover any call-out fees, parts and labour along with a contribution towards a new appliance if yours can't be fixed.

Kitchen appliances we cover

We cover more than 30 different household appliance, home entertainment, and electrical products.


Bake, roast, and grill worry-free, with cover for unexpected breakdowns.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month


Hob insurance protects you against breakdowns and accidental damage.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month


Clean dishes stress-free, covered for electrical and mechanical failures.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month


Keep your food fresh with protection against accidental damage.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month


Preserve food worry-free, covered for malfunctions and accidental damage.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month


Cook up a storm, protected against mechanical and electrical faults.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Range Cooker

Protect your investment with cover for accidental damage and breakdowns.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Cooker Hood

Breathe easy, knowing you're covered against mechanical breakdowns.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Extractor Fan

Keep family life running smoothly and protect your extractor fan today.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Halogen Oven

Keep family life running smoothly and protect your halogen oven today.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month


Microwave insurance offers cover for unexpected malfunctions and damage.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Wine Cooler

Preserve your collection, protected from accidental damage and breakdowns.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month